Intelligent Cloud Community Event

Intelligent Cloud Conference 2018 is the first edition of a premier technology conference focusing on the Microsoft Platform around Azure, AI, Analytics, BI, IoT and SQL.

This Event page is for the Community event in the evening of Day 1 of the conference, May 29th from 17:30 to 21:00. Please note that seating is very limited.

The doors open at 17:30 with dinner served in the Expo area. From 18:30 until 21:00 we are doing 3 community tracks: Azure, Business Intelligence and SQL / Database.

The Azure community track features the talk "Architecture Battle: PaaS vs. FaaS" by Edwige Seminara and Estelle Auberix. After a short break there will be various demos related to Azure.

The Business Intelligence community track features four lightning talks followed by an Q&A session. After a short break there will be a Power BI Shootout with lots of demos.

The SQL community track features two talks - first "Introduction to the latest Azure SQL intelligent database technologies" by Danimir Ljepava and after a short break "SQL Server hates you(?) - what the DBAs never told the developers" by Alexander Arvidsson.

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